Engineering Experience

Erik has in-depth engineering experience in a variety of industries and project types including industrial, commercial and residential projects. He has performed structural engineering analysis, design and construction oversight for numerous project over the last 10 years. His wealth of knowledge will ensure your project is successful, no matter the size, complexity, or challenge.


Boiler House – Paper Mills – Michigan

As a subconsultant to UPEA and teaming up with AFRY, AKRO provided structural engineer of record design of the new two story boiler building in Kalamazoo, MI for Graphic Packaging. The building is combination steel and masonry wall design with concrete foundations. Akro provided all structural engineering and oversight of the drawing development for theContinue reading “Boiler House – Paper Mills – Michigan”

City Center Stage and Pergola

Ironwood, MI – AKRO provided structural engineering design of all steel, connections and foundations for U.P. Fabricators for a new stage and pergola steel framed structures. Unique elements featured moment resistant spread footings, cantilevered shade structure and hidden HSS connections.

Country Bible Church Expansion

Wallace, MI – Erik provided complete building design for the church expansion, including a classroom and office expansion, and sanctuary expansion.

Country Bible Church Phase 2 – Sanctuary Expansion

Country Bible Church, Wallace, MI – AKRO designed and engineered the expansion of this church sanctuary to double the seating capacity, add larger ADA compliant stage, and accommodate new technologies. AKRO worked closely with the truss manufacturer to provide a unique roof framing solution that maximized sight lines and acoustical performance. Ground breaking is expectedContinue reading “Country Bible Church Phase 2 – Sanctuary Expansion”

Custom Home Design

Marquette, MI – While employed for U.P. Engineers and Architects, Erik provided structural engineering design for homes in the Upper Peninsula, including luxury homes requiring structural steel design and complex foundation systems. Erik can provide complete home design or partner with architects to provide complex structural engineering design.

Glulam & Heavy Timber

Erik is experienced in the design and construction of heavy timber and glulam, and has recently performed building design that incorporates these framing systems. While employed at Enterprise Engineering Consultants, he gained in-depth experience working with glulam fabricators across the country.

Historic Building Evaluations

Erik has background with many types of historic buildings including barns, historic landmarks and 18th century era buildings. He is experienced in historic construction techniques and uses modern tools and software to evaluate the structural integrity.

Historical Truss Reinforcement

Iron Mountain, MI – This unique project which partnered with Blomquist Architects required reinforcement of existing 100 year old steel trusses with rivetted connections. AKRO performed a conservative design based on historical rivet and steel strengths to provide a reinforcement design capable of almost doubling the capacity of the trusses. The final design allowed theContinue reading “Historical Truss Reinforcement”

Hotel Florence Restoration

Chicago, IL – While at Path Construction, Erik performed project management and construction oversight of the preservation and restoration project for the historical Hotel Florence, part of the Pullman Historical Site. View project details here:

Industrial Tank Design

While working at U.P. Engineers and Architects Erik designed numerous industrial tanks, including blast testing chambers, chemical tanks and more. (stock photo example of typical tank design)

Michigan Residence

AKRO provided structural engineering for a new residence designed by 41 Lumber. This home featured 18′ high tall walls that required special engineered framing. Nordic Lam beams were also used as a budget friendly alternative to steel headers. Rendering credit: 41 Lumber


Erik has experience with load rating and modifying countless monorail and crane systems. Projects include upgrading existing monorails for heavier ratings, new monorails for equipment installation, and rating previously unrated cranes & monorails.

Paper Mills – Paper Machine Track (Current Project)

Kalamazoo, MI – AKRO Engineering is providing structural engineering design for a new Paper Machine foundation and associated tanks, motors and equipment. Includes deep foundation design, reinforced concrete design and FEA analysis. AKRO served as as subconsultant to UP Engineers & Architects, the structural team for the paper machine foundation. Lead project design firm isContinue reading “Paper Mills – Paper Machine Track (Current Project)”

Post Frame House

Menominee, MI – This home included a unique structural system being post-framed. Walls included 2×8 columns and horizontal 2×6 wall girts. A 32′ high stone veneer chimney required special vertical and horizontal bracing to meet the stringent deflection requirements for the stone facade.

Residence – Minnesota

AKRO engineered and designed this new residence in Owatonna, MN. Structural features included 30′ wood framed tall walls, use of precast foundation walls, and glulam beams.

Safety & Fall Protection Design

Marinette, WI – While at U.P. Engineers & Architects, Erik performed Structural Design of many safety systems, including guardrails, platforms, static lines, and more. He is experienced with both OSHA safety standards and IBC codes for guardrail and handrail design.

Snow Load Evaluation

Wisconsin, Michigan – Snow load is perhaps one of the biggest problems facing the Northern Midwest structures. Erik has evaluated numerous roof collapses and framing systems for homes, businesses and industrial buildings for snow load failures or scares. Improperly braced or under-designed wood truss systems can lead to collapse.

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